The Future of Payments

Experts in mobile payment, Pacypay and Bluecode have come together to deliver state-of-the-art acquiring services with cutting-edge mobile payment technology. This enables cost-effective unlocking of Asian and European mobile wallets, including Alipay, WeChat Pay, Bluecode, & Alipay global wallets, giving stores access to more than 3.6 billion users across Asia and Europe. Combining technical expertise and comprehensive market knowledge, Bluecode and Pacypay now offer the future of payments.

With the future valuing truly contactless payments, Pacypay and Bluecode have prioritized offering a customer focussed service, that provides a seamless payment experience through full ECR integration at the point of sale. Bluecode have an award-winning user experience and is one of the fastest and most data neutral systems in the industry. Pacypay, as an official payment and marketing partner of Alipay, bring their knowledge of the Asian consumer market to offer ongoing consultation and marketing support to maximise sales. With an average 14% YoY growth rate of Chinese inbound tourists to Europe, this combined service has been proven to boost sales by as much as +40%.

With the payment system fully integrated into the existing point of sale, and fully linked to stock control, this service offers stores an easy hassle-free experience meaning they can focus on what truly matters, boosting sales & customer service.

Professional consulting offers stores advice on how to engage with Chinese customers and improve conversion rates. This alongside off-the-shelve in-store marketing campaigns provided by Alipay & WeChat gives boosts at key sales periods such as Golden week and Chinese New Year. Furthermore, Pacypay can help create store’s location-based profile on Alipay, official accounts on WeChat, and run promotion notices and coupons for stores to engage with customers, before, during, and after their sale.

With the only cost being a fixed transactional rate, what are you waiting for, get in touch now and boost sales, optimise your customer experience, and start a meaningful relationship with partners that will be with you for life.

Kyle Paisley, Business Development Executive, Pacypay.


Mobile: +44 203 148 1871

Benny Shen, Marketing Director, Pacypay.


Mobile: +44 203 148 1901

Background info

Pacypay is the official and preferred partner of Alipay and WeChat Pay in the UK & EU, and an expert in Asian Mobile Payment solutions. It is a subsidiary brand of Ronghan International, a fully licensed payment institution regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom.

Bluecode is a European mobile payment scheme and enables seamless optical payments at unprecedented speed and reliability at the point of sale. It is one of the fastest growing payment schemes of Europe, offering the merchant Bluecode and its partners mobile payment solutions in one simple integration.

Alipay is the largest payment platform in China with over 1 billion users. It offers consumers an easy, fast and secure method of payment alongside strong marketing channels to help merchants attract more customers.

WeChat is the largest media platform in China with 1 billion monthly active users. Its WeChat Pay function and in-app mini programs offer a comprehensive user experience for its customers. Over 1 million merchants now support WeChat pay in store.