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trips by Chinese outbound tourists in 2018
90 %
of Chinese tourists use mobile payment abroad
average spend per
trip in the UK
sales after implementing Alipay & Wechat Pay

Alipay & WeChat Pay's official payment partner in the UK and across Europe

Pacypay is a payment brand under Ronghan International, an Authorised Payment Service Provider of Alipay and WeChat Pay in Europe. We offer both IT solutions and settlement services to allow Chinese consumers to pay in RMB and merchants to receive GBP and EUR.
Alipay is the largest payment platform in China with over 1 billion users. It offers consumers an easy, fast and secure method of payment alongside strong marketing channels to help merchants attract more customers.
WeChat is the largest social media platform in China with 1.11 billion monthly active users. Its WeChat Pay function and in-APP mini-programs offer a comprehensive user experience for consumers. Over 1 million merchants now support WeChat Pay in store.
being the No.1 provider of Alipay in the UK.
with advanced IT systems and tailored options.
with our built in fraud detection systems.
rates reducing costs and maximising profits.
with Alipay & WeChat Pay combined solutions.
servicing and support for our clients.

Our Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to suit your business needs.

Settlement Flow

Pacypay offers real-time reporting of transactions as well as detailed daily and monthly transaction level settlement reports.
Customer pays and transaction occurs.
Alipay/WeChat Pay convert currency.
Pacypay settles
to merchants.
Registered as a company in the UK we hold and FCA API license ensuring secure transactions for your business. Fully PCI DSS certified with built in fraud detection we guarantee the safety of your transactions. More Information

Key Benefits

Access more than a billion Alipay and WeChat Pay users.
Boost your brand through increased market exposure.
Increase customer insights through data analysis.
Meet current trend by keeping your business mobile-friendly.

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