$1.2 trillion China e-commerce market.
93% market share from Alipay & WeChat Pay.

The rise in international cross-border shopping is creating opportunities for retailers who are looking to grow their market share. Open your business to this vast market with our fast and simple online payment integration through our pacypay API.


47% of Chinese tourists value shopping as an essential part of their trip.
90% of Chinese tourists use Alipay & WeChat Pay abroad.

We work with luxury brands at locations such as Bicester village across the UK and Europe. Choose one of our payment solutions to immediately open your brand to over 1 Billion customers.

Travel & Tourism

149m outbound trips by Chinese tourists in 2018.
£1678 average spend by Chinese tourists.

With the increasing growth of China’s middle class Chinese outbound tourism is predicted to continually increase in the next decade. Our close relationship with Alipay and WeChat Pay can help you attract more tourists to your business. We work with attractions such as the Birmingham Museum and airlines such as China Southern.


62% of Chinese outbound tourists use mobile payment to pay for dining.
52% of Chinese tourists use mobile payment to pay for accommodation.

Don’t’ limit your business to traditional payment methods. With our mobile payment options you can make sure that your customers have a seamless stay with you.


303,000 Chinese students in the EU.
25,000€ average tuition fees.

We work in the education sector across Europe with business schools, summer camps, English institutes and e-learning facilities. Payment has been a major challenge for Chinese students in Europe. With our tailored solutions students can pay in advance in RMB with you receiving your set fee in GBP or EUR.